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All great home projects start with a single idea. Maybe it’s a picture you’ve ripped from a magazine or a post that caught your eye on Houzz. Sometimes it’s a detail you saw at a friend’s house. From there, you start gathering more ideas. Maybe kitchen layouts and cabinet colors. A dormered roof on top of a garage or a transom window over a front door.


But how do you put all of those ideas together?


Your first step is to make an appointment for a free consultation with Anthony M. Condouris Architect, Inc. and let us help you shape those visions into reality. Sit down with Tony and show him what inspires you. Explain what your needs and budget are and let him help you put all the pieces of your design puzzle together to create your dream project, no matter what the size. Whether it’s a walk-in closet, kitchen remodel or construction of a new home, we can help bring your inspirations to life.

Get started now with a free consultation to help visualize your dream.

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We understand the construction process can be overwhelming.  We are here to help.

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A smarter way to design your home

3D Modeling brings your 2D drawings to life

Imagine you’re in the middle of designing your new home with an architect. You look at the two-dimensional drawings of the structure and can see where the windows and doors are placed, but you’re having a hard time envisioning the space around your kitchen island or the way the dormers will look on top of the garage. And you don’t really know how it’s all going to sit on your lot.


But working with an architect who uses 3-D imaging lets you get a feel for the space long before construction begins. The software helps breathe life into your project and allows you to spin the structure around and even enter the design and take a tour. It’s kind of like a pencil with superpowers.


Builders Don’t Hate Us

Ever been delayed as a result of your architect? We understand construction delays, wasted materials, and over-designing will cost you money. So we make this promise to you — We are committed to the following:

Immediate response

No more waiting for returned phone calls or unanswered questions.

Fast turnaround time

Ensure your project stays on schedule and your time isn't wasted.

Construction-conscious design

Your project won't be bogged down with unnecessary obstacles.

Direct communication with clients

Gives you the time you need to focus on contracting and planning.

Direct communication with building departments

You won’t wait for a simple letter or sketch while your permits or projects are on hold.

Competent and qualified staff

So you can get support from one of our full-time assistant architects.

Anthony M. Condouris is sensitive to the needs of builders and homeowners. Give us a call at 732-842-3800 to discuss your current or future project. Find out how nice it is to get real customer service; phone calls returned, questions answered, details reviewed carefully and potential pitfalls addressed.

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Get started now with a free consultation to help visualize your dream.